Due to the fast pace of today's construction processes and the time constraints placed of the completion of projects by line owners due to service demands, the time saved using sprayed foam breakers and padding has made it a popular alternative to the traditional sandbag method.  Time and money savings also appear in the general contractor's bottom line, since backfill crews and machinery will reduce down time due to the waiting period involved with installing sandbag breakers, padding or pipe support.  Foam barriers do not deteriorate or degrade over time like sandbags do, further reducing the cost of upkeep and maintenance of the line later.  Also, since foam breakers are sprayed around the pipe in-place, they adhere to the pipe itself and only move if the pipe moves.

Unlike some foam installation companies whose installation procedures require their crews to be in the excavation ditch, LEGACY Contractors, LLC has invested considerable time and research into developing our procedures so that our crews can safely install a quality product without compromising their personal safety.  In keeping with OSHA requirements regarding safety around excavations, the ability of our crews to spray foam breakers from the minimum safe distance at the edge of the ditch alleviates the concern of cave-ins while crews are in the ditch and the need for shoring of the ditch to prevent such occurrences.

Service owners and contractors can also reduce the concern for personal injuries incurred due to the man-handling of sandbags.


Anyone familiar with OSHA regulations regarding safety requirements of excavation sites knows, the tremendous time and expense involved can quickly become overwhelming.

WHy Foam?

Savings (Time and Material)

With the rising cost of labor, materials and transportation of sandbags for padding and breakers during pipeline construction, polyurethane foam breakers and padding have become a more economical solution for many service owners and general contractors. 

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