Trench pads are installed to support the pipe and protect the outer coating from damage due to rocky or other harsh soil conditions.


Foam breakers are installed to prevent ditch erosion or washout once backfill and final dress phases are complete.  With our four-wheel drive trucks and experienced crews, LEGACY Contractors, LLC can access and install foam breakers almost anywhere they are needed. 


Our field crews and managers work closely with contractors and inspectors to insure that pads are installed where needed and as specified by construction designs or field placed by a service owner or contractor representative. 

Pads can also be pre-formed and stockpiled, if needed, for placement at a later date or in areas where they are needed but the trench would be inaccessible by vehicles other than the excavation equipment.

Due to our capability to install breakers from outside the excavation ditch, we can place breakers even when environmental conditions will not allow access into the trench.  We use only high grade chemicals to produce a superior product for our clients, insuring that our quality control meets or exceeds accepted standards.

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